The HoneyVic Playwrighting For Social Change Festival is a groundbreaking event dedicated to showcasing powerful One Act Plays that address and raise awareness of critical social issues. This festival provides a platform for playwrights from around the world to present their socially impactful works, fostering dialogue and inspiring change.

Four selected One Act Plays will be produced and performed, offering a unique opportunity for playwrights to see their work come to life on stage. This festival also provides an opportunity to connect with fellow playwrights, theater professionals, and social activists, fostering a community dedicated to using the arts for social impact.

But this Festival is more than just an event; it's a movement that inspires playwrights to use their voices to spark dialogue, raise awareness, and drive positive change in our society. Whether you are a novice playwright or an experienced playwright, this festival offers the tools and community support needed to create powerful, socially relevant theater.

Join us and be part of a transformative experience that harnesses the power of theater to address the pressing social issues of our time.