Playwrighting for Change

Playwrighting for Social Change is an empowering program designed to enable playwrights and aspiring playwrights from around the world to use their craft to address and raise awareness of critical social issues. This program combines an intensive virtual workshop series with an exciting playwrighting festival.Our workshop offers participants the skills and knowledge needed to write socially impactful plays, while our festival provides a platform for playwrighting activists to showcase their powerful works.

Playwrighting for Social Change Workshop

Playwrighting For Social Change Festival

Playwrighting for Social Change is not just a program but a movement aimed at inspiring playwrights to use their voices to spark dialogue, raise awareness, and drive positive change in society. Whether you are a novice writer or an experienced playwright, this program offers the tools and community support needed to create powerful, socially relevant theater. Join us and be part of a global community dedicated to making a difference through the power of storytelling.