"Amen, Amen, Let the Church Say Amen" is a gripping tale of unity and defiance—join the struggle and become a force of unwavering resistance!


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In an unprecedented twist, the Aliens' captivating promises of gold, safe nuclear power, and advanced technology have taken a chilling turn—they demand to take all black people into outer space! Outrage and protests have erupted as Black communities across the nation unite in defiance. In a desperate attempt to appease both the Aliens and the Black communities, the government agrees to send the homeless instead, unleashing the alarming Selective Act of 2030 . Fear grips Black communities, leaving Mt. Lion AME Church abandoned, a symbol of resilience now in disrepair.

On her deathbed, Momma's poignant plea inspires her son Michael to rise and rebuild, confronting the Alien tyranny head-on. With unwavering courage, Michael, joined by steadfast allies Gabby and Candy Striper, vows to transform Mt. Lion AME into a sanctuary of hope—a fierce stronghold protecting rights and identity against the impending Alien threat.

Amidst this chaos, intrepid reporter Amy joins the fray, armed with her determination to expose the truth and amplify the voices of those who resist. Together with the indomitable spirit of Annie Rosalie, a beacon of hope and resilience within the community, they embark on a journey of unity and defiance that will test the very core of human strength.

"Amen, Amen, Let the Church Say Amen 2" is a gripping tale of unity and defiance against the Aliens as characters struggle with their own biases. While social issues are addressed, the characters join the struggle and become a force of unwavering resistance in the face of an otherworldly menace!

COVID Protocol:Masks are recommended, but not required.


Trinity Lower Eastside Lutheran Parish

602 East 9th Street

January 2024

January 19 - 21 and January 26 - 28

Friday shows @ 7pm

Saturday shows 2pm & 7pm

Sunday shows @ 2pm