"Amen, Amen, Let the Church Say Amen" is a gripping tale of unity and defiance—join the struggle and become a force of unwavering resistance!

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January 2024

January 19 - 21 and January 26 - 28

Friday shows @ 7pm

Saturday shows 2pm & 7pm

Sunday shows @ 2pm


"Alien Ultimatum: All Black People to Outer Space! Courageous Stand Ignites Global Uprising"

The Aliens' arrival with promises of alluring gifts has taken a terrifying turn—their shocking demand to take all Black people into outer space has ignited outrage and protests worldwide. In response to the widespread outcry, the government has been forced to amend its plans, introducing the Selective Act of 2022. This bill now allows the Aliens to target the homeless population instead.

Fear and apprehension have gripped Black communities, leaving once vibrant places like Mt. Lion AME Church deserted and neglected. However, on her deathbed, a brave and wise woman known as Momma urges her son Michael to take a stand and rebuild the church as a beacon of resistance. Michael, alongside his unwavering allies Gabby and Candy Striper, embarks on a courageous mission to transform Mt. Lion AME into a sanctuary of hope, determined to protect the rights and identities of everyone against the looming Alien threat.

Stay tuned to Truth Seekers.Net with Charles Nishmura for further updates on this gripping saga of unity and defiance. The battle for justice and survival is just beginning.


Trinity Lower Eastside Lutheran Parish

602 East 9th Street