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Challenging social issues by building a diverse community through performance.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself                                                  ....Leo Tolstoy


I love theatre and the power it has to inspire us.  Theater gives us the space to imagine worlds and safe ways to work through the many challenges that come with being human.  Theatre is imagination come to life! Juanda Hall, Creative Director  

Thank you, Daddy and Momma, (Honey and Vic)! The longer I live the more I appreciate the journey you took to raise a family during “dem days”.

I love theatre. I especially enjoy off-Broadway plays by emerging playwrights that address current societal issues. I spent my 40 years in business managing and implementing change. I am excited to apply my business skills to bring plays about social change to the stage through HoneyVic Productions.  Sal Vitale, Executive Director